The Founder of Brandeis University once said that most of the things worth doing have been declared impossible. He faced major opposition as an advocate for workers rights and accountable business and encountered backlash against progressive action. Most of the things worth doing conflict with the interest of those in power, and so may be deemed impossible even by those in favor. Therefore the perceived necessity for these changes has to outweigh the risk of failure to garner support in the face of seemingly low odds.

Once support is found, equity requires a change in policy from that favoring a minority to that benefiting the majority. To revolutionize the democratic process, we must replace the compromised bureaucrats and politicians with those who represent the citizens. Shifting from private interest to public gives power to those who have none, transforming current corporate control into true democracy.

I propose that each adult votes directly on any decision that affects them, and may abstain for decisions that do not. This can be done online instantly. Representative councils could devise propositions in order to maintain an efficient system and could appoint new councils for any task with the support of a vote. Different levels of representation will be assigned for each domain: town, county, region, etc; with each group responsible for writing laws pertaining to their domain, and each with certain initial restrictions. I do not have space here to expound the intricacies of our new government, but upon this foundation the solutions to many other pressing issues can be formulated democratically, and organization of a just and free society will follow.